As I wander around the garden, no matter how quietly and gently I go, I'm always aware that certain wildlife is nipping off at my approach, disappearing into cover, sneaking quietly away.

So using a TrailCam with night vision is a fascinating way of seeing who gets up to what in my absence.

In the last month, I've had it set up looking down a path through my bed of annual flowers, in part because I wanted to see who had been leaping about in it. I had my suspicions!

However, a sunbathing Blackbird was surely not the culprit.

But this little chap (or chappess) might have something to do with it.

Especially as it looks like he comes with friends.

I knew the garden was busy with Foxes, but the beauty of a webcam is that it throws up things you don't know you've got, such as this fella, who the camera tells me visits each evening along the same path betwen 11.30pm and midnight:

But I'll leave the last word today to a flashing pigeon...