Ramsey Island on YouTube


Great news - We are pleased to announce that the RSPB Ramsey Island reserve has gone multi-media!

Armed with a digital camcorder - our Wardens Greg and Lisa are going to bring you snippets of island life and its amazing wildlife, plus some of the surround ing area like Grassholm.

We've already uploaded some videos, here's some examples;

Some fantastic footage of common Dolphins swimming along side the boat. These are reported to be the fastest dolhpins found in Welsh waters, reaching speeds of up to 27mph! Large congregations can be seen in Welsh waters from May to November off the Pembrokeshire coast.

A stunning view of the Gannets of Grassholm, the Western most point of Wales, and home to around an amazing 39,000 pairs of northern Gannet. making it the 3rd biggest colony in the Uk after St.Kilda and Bass Rock.

 Theres more videos on the channel - so why not subscribe and keep up to date with whats going on. My favourite so far, was uploaded yesterday (20th March) and goes to show that when your on an Island your at the mercy of the elements!


 For more information on Ramsey reserve:  http://www.rspb.org.uk/reserves/guide/r/ramseyisland/about.aspx