Owls in and around Cardiff

Anyone out there seen or know where there are any owls around Cardiff?  I've seen the little owls  in Newport wetlands along with a long distance view of a short ear owl last year but want a closer look for me and my boys preferably in Cardiff otherwise they won't believe me they are here. I'm in St.Mellons area of Cardiff if that helps thanks

  • They're easier to hear around Cardiff than see!

    Rumney Great Wharf is usually quite good for Short-eared Owls in the winter. Viewable at almost any time of the day.

    I went for a walk after dark at Forest Farm /Glamorgan Canal (near Whitchurch) last week and heard three Tawny Owls calling from around 6pm. One flew over my head. Some bats around there too as well as calling snipe and water rail. A fox walked along a hedgerow in front of me. A real experience. Well recommended!