Cardiff Peregrines

Well it's that time of year again; here at Cardiff City Hall we watch the old falcon family doing their thing. We have seen a lot of nest sitting and swapping over between the male and female. The male is looking a bit rough around the edges; he must be about ten by now. Rumour has it that a younger bird may be pushing in and causing him problems. We have seen a couple of fights, and for want of a better term, some major sulking going on. The Female is keeping quiet about all this and spends a lot of time with her back to those pesky RSPB tent dwellers on the lawn.

We can’t see directly down into the nest (A very well preserved Raven's nest), but luckily they are using the eastern site this year giving us good views from the lawn and the museum webcam / rooftop camera. There seems to be a lot of egg turning going on, so we are hoping for some good news soon! If you are in Cardiff centre between Thursdays and Sundays, come and join us as we watch this fantastic story unfold. Let’s hope that their sixth year here is a bumper one for chicks, I predict two for this year, but hope that we get more. With a second male lurking in the picture anything could happen.