I've just moved back to Wales from Spain and in 4 weeks I have had the widest range of weather from 22 degrees down to minus 4 and lots of Snow.. I am volunteering at the Chough Watch at Llechwedd Slate Mine - waiting for them to arrive but as they've been monitored as being here for the last 30 years, we just need patience! Already had a conversation in Spanish, met people from my old haunt Tenby and we signed up a family membership. Looking forward to Portmeirion woodland walks and seeing the Glaslyn Ospreys

Cas Younger

  • Glad you are enjoying the volunteering - tahnk you for your gift of time,

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    Hi Cas!

    I will meet you eventually at Llechwedd! I was there on my own Sunday last and was glad to see the female popping in and out for an hour and a half or so doing some housework on the nest!

    Hope the Llechwedd folks get the work on the education room finished soon so that we can get back and watch for activity!

    Take care!


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