we have a young pheasant that seems to be making our garden his home he sleeps by the hedge in our veg garden and strolls in the garden he is not in the least nervous of us i put out some oats for him and water seems strange why he has left the other pheasants were ever he has come frome any one any idea,s

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  • We have a pair in the field directly opposite our cottage in West Wales. They make such funny noises - last year there was just the one, then this year 2 - there were foxes breeding in the field too so the pheasants moved up the lane to another field and had chicks. They used to walk in the lane - the male was always asserting himself and wouldn't get out of the way of the car!  The last cople of weeks they are back in the filed....  

    Where they come from? Escaped from breeders, no doubt - they rear them for shoots.....  now safe in your garden and my field!!

  • jenny i wondered if he had excaped he seems quite at home also got one little frog to we have seen foxs in the two fields next to our garden not in bad condition we have a lot of rabbits so i expect they feed on them thanks for replying jenny much appreiciated i wil keep you informed if hes still around in a few weeks time sue

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