where is everyone?

When I joined this group I thought it would be a good place to hear about all the things that were happening in Wales where I live but nobody seems to post much and nothing seems to change!

Let's liven things up! After all so much is happening in Wales. Who has been to see our second pair of breeding Ospreys? I am off  to the Dyfi valley next weekend. How many of you are coming to see the brilliant new pictures we are getting of the Chough's nest at Llechwedd? Four chicks have hatched!

I have Sand Martins back on the river below my house after an absence of three or so years! My Pied Flycatchers are outside the window as I type!

Come on! What else is happening!!


God gave us two ears and one mouth for a very good reason!

  • Hi Jenni,

                I thought my little group of albino sparrows would have would have produced just a little interest from the group,but no! If you think that this group is a little lacking in action; may I invite you to drop in at the Dee Estuary Group? You will be most welcome :-)

    Perhaps together we can make a difference :)

  • Hi Sandpiper!

    That's a lovely invitation and I will certainly join in - thanks!

    I live in the Ffestiniog Valley and volunteer at the Llechwedd Slate Caverns where we have a camera on the Chough's nest. I'm going there on Monday. I also do a bit at Portmerion when we have a stand there and take groups on walks through the woodland where we have got the gardeners to put up viewing screens at two points.

    I also volunteer for a bird sanctuary where we care for sick and injured wild birds. We have had a busy week - a shorteared owl and a blackbird both of which did not survive collisions with vehicles and two tawny owlets sadly picked up by "well meaning" visitors who thought their contact calls to the parents were the sound of breathing difficulties!! Fortunately we are used to rearing owlets and releasing them with some success so these two are not in too much danger of having to spend the rest of their lives in captivity.

    I looked at your post about the albino sparrows - I don't get to Talacre very often but if I'm in the vicinity I'll certainly look them up!!

    Thanks for your response


    God gave us two ears and one mouth for a very good reason!

  • Good morning all,

                                      today is May 10th and it is almost 0800 hrs; I count sixteen members logged in to this group at the present moment. Am I missing something? Am I not abiding by some special protocol? Is there perhaps some hidden chat room that I am unable to see the way into, or gain access?

                                       If there isn't a chat room for each rspb group; it would be nice if there was! How problamatic would it be to provide one? Any one know of a UK chat room for those interested in birds or conservation?


    Perhaps together we can make a difference :)

  • Hi Sandpiper look in the main forums :)

    It's both what you do and the way that you do it!

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