Newbie from South Wales

My name is Kathryn and I am new on here.

Due to covid I have been unable to work due to health issues and am shielding and been under house arrest for nearly a year now.

I have developed a new love, passion, obsession, expensive hobby....

Bird watching, i bought a nice bird feeding station and decided to see what would come in our garden. 

We live in Barry, South Wales and live right by the sea. Our house is off a very busy road but then also behind our house we have acres and acres of fields and woodland. 

I live in a small cul-de-sac with only 14 houses but it is busy with cars and people constantly back and forth our front garden is very open with only a few pots with conifers for shelter etc and i know birds prefer shelter and to hide so wasn't expecting much action with my new hobby but omg I have been so surprised and it has made my whole lockdown experience so much more enjoyable to cope with having these beautiful birds.

We normally have 2 wood pigeons, ive called phil and phyllis hahahaha, magpie, and a pair of collared doves, and a robin now and again but rare... But this week I have had 6 different species of bird in the garden. Am so excited by this...

We have had a tiny bird appear that me and my husband are thinking it is a wren, my auntie who is a bird watcher and has a book she always reads says NO it isnt. 

Can anyone help us with identifying the little thing. 

I apologise for the rubbish blurry photo I took it was hard as through a window, far away and such a tiny bird. 

Anyway thanks for reading and will share my photos of all my birds on the forum and hoping to make some new bird friends as everyone thinks ive gone bird crazy....  

  • Hi Kath, nice to see another Taffie on here, I used to live a short way away from you in Caerphilly, now reside on Anglesey so still in Wales. I agree with Robbie, your bird is a Dunnock, all fluffed up against the cold. Well done on the photo, you should have seen mine when I first started, mind you they are not all that much better now after many years! It's the taking part that counts, as long as you are enjoying yourself then go for it. Take care


    Lot to learn

  • Ooooh Anglesey now i bet you see better wildlife up there than Caerphilly...

    Thank you for the warm welcome.

    I am excited to chat and see your pics and hear your stories. Xxx