Gwenffrwd-Dinas reserve

As there is no seperate blog for news or questions on this reserve, i've had to post a thread about this reserve here and a question that i would like to ask. In the reserve listings it mentions a nature trail at the Dinas, but what facilities does Gwenffrwd have itself for visitors, for the reserve listings on this reserve dos'nt mention what visitor facilities there are at the Gwenffrwd itself?



  • hi thomo, there isn't much in way of facilities at Gwenffrwd-dinas i'm afraid. there is a car park and picnic area and nature trails,plus an Abba Loo toilet which is only available from April to October. however there is no cafe / shop available at this site. hope this is helpful? if i can be of any more help, please get in touch, Dana

  • In reply to Dana Thomas:

    There used to be a marked trail up the Gwenffrwd but that seemed to get lost when Tony Pickup, the previous warden, left the warden's cottage and it was sold. I live just a few miles away and am now motivated to see if I can find the paths again.