I have always thought to be very lucky where i live in Wales on a little hillside farm. Regular and greedy feeders to my table include Lesser and Greater Spotted Woodpeckers, Blue Tits, Great Tits, Nuthatches, Chaffinchs, Sparrows and Dunnocks, beautiful enough but then i look beyond the table and we have Green Woodpeckers, Malard Ducks, Swallows, Tree Creepers, Buzzards, a Peregrine and in the last 2 years i have seen a Red Kite. I truly feel blessed to live where i do, come home from work, sit on the doorstep with a cup of tea and enjoy the beautiful sights around me and teach my daughter all about her surroundings. I felt the need to share my feelings with people who feel the same about birds - they are truly amazing! Enjoy x
  • Hiya, as I was growing up I was often to be found in the hilly farming regions on the med-west coast of Wales visiting close family that I had there. Despite growing up in Birmingham I also felt happier and more at home in the wilder places and loved seeing all the wildlife; birds, plants, bugs and much more.

    Still when I visit my family, one of my favourite things to is to get up early and drink my coffee of the back door step and just listen.

    In now live in south Wales which isn't quite the same but I do finally have a garden of my own and am really looking forward to encouraging some bird life in.

    I too feel lucky to known and experienced parts of Wales that are truly beautiful in abundance if life.