Fersiwn Cymraeg ar gael yma

As a country, we have been leaders when it comes to environmental commitments. We were the first nation to declare a climate emergency, our parliament were the first to include sustainable development as the ‘central organising principle’ of government, and the 2015 introduction of the Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015 has been commended by the UN.

But now we are calling for the Welsh Government to build further on this reputation – by committing to a Green Recovery from the impacts of Covid-19.

The Covid-19 crisis has had a harrowing impact on the world, and the lockdown being a challenge to all of us. With human activity like travel and industry slowing down, this gave wildlife an opportunity to take advantage. Not only has this been beneficial to nature and the environment, but it has also been a wonderful reminder of how nature can hold a role of solace and comfort in our lives.

Over the coming months, things will slowly return back to normal, but we mustn’t fall back to old, destructive practices. That’s why we’re calling on the Welsh Government to commit to a Green Recovery

There are several factors to this recovery, economic, societal and of course environmental, and therefore we have created a five-step-pathway to lead us into the future.

The five key steps are:

  1. Sustainable Jobs and infrastructure
    To promote and invest in clean, green, environmentally friendly industries, creating sustainable jobs.

  2. Strong Environmental Protections
    Ensuring that nature and the environment are fully protected and those who produce pollution should bear the costs of managing it

  3. Resilient and nature-rich land and sea
    When we look after nature, nature looks after us. Let’s restore and look after the habitats and species that enrich our land and seas.
  4. Healthy Citizens
    Cleaner water and air, sustainable food sources and access to nature-rich green spaces to keep our people healthier.

  5. Welsh Government Leadership
    With restoring and protecting nature at the centre of our government’s decisions and actions, we can make this healthier, greener, more resilient Wales a reality.

This pathway will ensure that Wales recovers from Covid-19 in a way that secures a sustainable, carbon net zero economy, a healthier population both physically and mentally, responds to climate change and restores the wonderful nature, countryside and seas of Wales.  

UN Secretary General António Guterres recently used World Earth Day on 22 April to make a plea for green actions to shape the recovery from Coronavirus, he said:

“We must act decisively to protect our planet from both the coronavirus and the existential threat of climate disruption. The current crisis is an unprecedented wake up call. We need to turn the recovery into a real opportunity to do things right for the future.”

The Welsh Government has this unique opportunity to not only inspire the Welsh public, but people across the world by taking this powerful step forward in committing to a green recovery. Leading world economists – with Nobel prize winners amongst their ranks – have stated unequivocally that the benefits of a green recovery shall create a healthier economy and a more equal society, as well as environmental improvements.

After all, not many are calling for us to go back to ‘business as usual’. 91% of the public have already made it clear they don’t want things to go back to how they were before Covid-19, and the appetite for change is evident.

So come on, Welsh Government – let’s do this.

Let’s commit to a green recovery, and let’s build back better.

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