Guest blog by Carolyn Robertson, Project Manager for RSPB Cymru's Giving Nature a Home in Cardiff

Last year, we saw a giant spider’s web in Cardiff’s Bute Park, holding over 10,000 people as they climbed inside to experience a moment like no other in the trees.

Images: TAPE in 2015 by Martyn Poynor 

Now following the success of TAPE last summer, our Giving Nature a Home in Cardiff project is busy preparing for a follow-up event called In the Eyes of the Animal, opening in Bute Park on 15 July. A chance to experience Bute Park like never before through a 360 degree virtual reality experience in a world of woodland creatures. 

Image: In the Eyes of the Animal by Luca Marziale

Using technology to encourage more people into the park, change people's perspectives and reinterpret the natural world, audiences will wear virtual reality headsets and a motion pack to be transported on a multi-sensory journey, all through the eyes of an owl, a dragonfly and a frog native to Bute Park.

From creeping on the woodland floor to flying through the canopy as an insect - your body vibrating and buzzing as the ground jitters below you - the experience doesn’t end there. Families can also enjoy some extra wild time with additional wildlife detective activities each day and nature storytelling sessions amongst the trees with Cardiff Libraries.

Free and open every day from 8am - 7pm from 15 July - 4 August, we’re delivering the event with arts organisation Migrations, in partnership with the City of Cardiff Council, thanks to funding from the Welsh carrier bag levy and Arts Council of Wales.

So if you've ever wondered what it's like to fly through the trees or jump like a frog – we can’t wait to see you at the Summerhouse Café in Cardiff’s Bute Park for the start of an unforgettable experience with nature!

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