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The updated RSPB South Stack FAQs document is available here.

**24 January Update**

We have now gone out to tender for the partial demolition and rebuild of RSPB South Stack visitors centre, this will last for four weeks. We are using Sell2Wales and hope to find a local contractor to complete the work. We will keep you updated of any developments in the process of tender. Should you have any queries please email

**31 October Update**

RSPB Cymru welcomes the decision by the Planning Inspectorate to permit the installation of ticket machines at our South Stack Cliffs nature reserve. We know our decision to introduce charges for vehicle owners who are not RSPB members has caused concern, and during the summer we announced significant changes to our original proposals including a trial concession rate for Anglesey residents. Details of our revised proposals are seen below.

We have continued to listen to concerns, and will make a further announcement about our plans once Isle of Anglesey County Council has determined a separate application to renovate part of the Visitor Centre.


During the last few weeks, we have taken on board various comments and concerns in relation to the car park charges at RSPB South Stack. Although all three planning applications for the car park ticket machines and signage have been refused, our situation remains the same – we are currently running the site at a deficit. We must therefore increase our income to become financially sustainable. Charging a car park fee is the most appropriate way to raise additional income, which is becoming the norm for many public bodies and charities who manage visitor attractions and public car parks. We know that this is an emotive subject and have thought long and hard about the many comments and suggestions we have received. As a result, we have developed a package of further concessions which we aim to introduce as a trial. 

Having heard concerns that our earlier plan to apply a £20 annual concession rate to the residents of the Holyhead didn’t cover a large enough area we will extend this concession to cover all residents in Anglesey. 

We have also carefully considered concerns that a flat rate might be too high for those wanting a short visit and as a result will trial a tiered pricing structure which will also vary seasonally. 

In summary, 

  • PEAK SEASON (Easter to end October half term): £2 for one hour / £5 daily rate
  • LOW SEASON: £1.50 an hour / £2.50 daily rate
  • Charging would apply between the hours of 9am-5pm.
  • £20 annual concession rate for the residents of Anglesey
  • Free to RSPB members

We will be looking to introduce these rates including the annual concession on a trial basis for 12 months. We will of course monitor the take-up of the concessions and measure their impact over the next year. 

Looking after our own property along with managing requirements of the county council, through our lease, in order to meet the legal nature conservation obligations at the site and to ensure that South Stack remains an international standard visitor destination comes with great financial responsibility. It is therefore necessary that we progress plans to generate further income through parking charges. Following legal advice, we have decided to submit an appeal to the Planning Inspectorate for the refusal of planning permission for the installation of car park meters and signage in our three car parks. 

We’d also like to share with you our plans for development of the visitor facilities at the site which we are hoping to undertake next year. South Stack’s buildings are in desperate need of repair and refurbishment and the office building is structurally unsound. We are planning to partially demolish and re-build a fit for purpose office and welfare space for staff and volunteers, as well as a new café seating area and toilet facilities for visitors and locals. We aim to submit a planning application soon. 

For more information on the above, please read our FAQs. Ongoing communications are taking place with key individuals including community, town and county councillors, representative of Friends of South Stack and the Lighthouse Heritage Group around the plans to improve the built infrastructure and visitor offer at South Stack. 

If you have any further questions relating any of the above, please email us at and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.