New Facebook Page & Twitter Account

 Well, I live in Derbyshire, and my homeland is North Staffordshire - practically next door.  My nearest RSPB reserve is Coombes Valley, and my nearest venue is Carsington.  There is a Derby RSPB Local Group, who run excursions and talks.  Derbyshire Wildlife Trust do a fantastic job looking after birds and creating wetland habitat.  The Sanctuary is something I want to investigate.  I'm going to try and get bird ringing certified - have made enquiries! I really want to work in rescuing birds.  

Having made initial enquiries, and with it all being quiet on the campaigning front, I have turned my energies towards creating a Facebook page: Birds in Derbyshire and Staffordshire.  The aim of this is to create a hub, for sharing photos, news stories, and promoting an interest in birdlife.  Sharing success stories, finding volunteers, promoting local events.  Anyone who wants to get involved, be a co admin or share things via me, please do get in touch via the page!

 did have a Twitter account but, erm, like a twit I lost the password.  So I need to make a new one.  Have not decided upon a name yet.

Natalie Windsor