If you are looking for some spooky activities to keep your little monsters occupied over this extra-long Halloween half-term – then look no further, as we have five eerie autumn activities to help keep the whole family entertained... 

1.      Track the creatures that go bump in the night

Ever wondered what mysterious creatures roam outside while you’re tucked up asleep? Be a nature detective and search for the clues they leave behind. Take part in the activity here 

2.      Get crafty

Trick or treating might be cancelled for some this year, but that’s no reason to ditch the fancy dress. We have four night-time animal masks ready for you to download and decorate. Get your masks here

3.      Get up close to creepy crawlies

Get up close and explore the little dark, damp and cosy nooks that creepy crawlies like to call home. Dark damp spots under rocks, logs and autumn leaves are good spots to discover bugs like worms, woodlice and spiders. Take part in the activity here  or download the activity sheet

4.      Go on a fungi foray

Nature is full of weird and wonderful fungi and autumn is the perfect time to go exploring! Keep your eyes peeled for spooky surprises like blood red elf cups, jelly ears sprouting from decaying branches and dead man’s fingers, or you might even be lucky enough to spot the magical shape of a fairy ring. Remember to look and not touch, though – some fungi are poisonous! Take part in the activity here or download the activity sheet

5.      Build a bat box

These creatures of the night have long been linked with Halloween. We have eight different species of bat in Northern Ireland which are common pipistrelle, soprano pipistrelle, Nathusius's pipistrelle, Leisler's bat, brown long-eared bat, whiskered bat, Daubenton's bat and Natterer's bat. Although harmless to humans, the common pipistrelle, can hunt down an impressive 3,000 insects a night! Bats will soon go into hibernation for winter, so if you’d like to help give bats a home, try building a bat box. Take part in the activity here  

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