• Baby Bird Season - FAQ's with RSPB NI

    Do you know what to do if you’ve found a baby bird?

    It’s that time of year when birdsong is in the air, the sunshine is starting to come out and we get inundated with questions about how to help birds and wildlife.  As a wildlife conservation charity, we unfortunately do not have the facilities or expertise to treat injured birds and would urge you to contact a local vet or independent wildlife rehabilitator…

  • Marching into Spring with RSPB NI

    March is the month where spring flowers burst into bloom, bird song warms the cockles on those still chilly mornings and the first of the summer visitors begin to arrive.  

    Chiffchaff sitting on branch

    [Image Description: Chiffchaff is sitting amongst green and yellow flowers] [Ben Andrews]

    March is when we begin to regularly hear the rich dulcet tones of the Blackbird. Their flutey notes are a timely reminder that those warm summer nights when they…

  • Stormont Returns: RSPB NI calls for action


    On 3rd February, Ministers were appointed to the Northern Ireland Executive. This is the first time the Executive has operated in nearly two years. The Department for Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs (DAERA) will now be headed up by a new Minister, Andrew Muir of the Alliance Party. 

    In that time a lot of key work relating to the Environment was delayed, due to Ministers not being present to sign off on key…

  • The staggering reality of Seabirds in Northern Ireland

    The latest seabird census ‘Seabirds Count’ revealed a devastating decline in UK seabirds over the last 20 years. However, new surveys have recently been completed by the RSPB in collaboration with others, that shine a light on the health of seabird populations following the recent outbreaks of the Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza (HPAI) outbreak.  

    Northern Ireland’s seas are globally important for seabirds…

  • Little signs of spring are beginning to appear.

    This month is all about change. As the weather warms, the days grow longer, new shoots appear and birds are pairing up. 

    If you wait until spring has sprung to get outside and connect with nature, you’ll miss out on some incredible wildlife encounters. From bustling Blue-tits to Snowdrops peeking up from the soil, there are signs of spring all around us.

    The early bird may get the worm, but they also get the best…

  • Happy ‘Moo’-day at RSPB NI Lower Lough Erne Islands Reserve

    RSPB NI Lower Lough Erne Islands Reserve in County Fermanagh is the most westerly of all reserves in the UK. Established in 1968, it proudly stands as Northern Ireland's oldest RSPB Reserve.

    Spread across 47 islands on the second-largest freshwater lake in the UK, each island supports unique wildlife and are the annual breeding grounds for nationally important numbers of curlew, redshank, and other waders.


  • Hope springs for Curlews in Lower Lough Erne Islands Reserve

    Following the release of this year's amazing Curlew breeding results, we're thrilled to share the remarkable work our dedicated teams have been undertaking on the ground across Northern Ireland.

    From the picturesque landscapes of County Fermanagh in the West to the dramatic scenes of the Antrim Hills in the East, our teams’ efforts are making a significant impact on the conservation of Northern Ireland's most…

  • Net zero and nature need better land-use choices as a matter of urgency, new RSPB study shows

    A guest blog by Dr Jonathan Bell, Head of Land and Sea Policy at RSPB NI. 

    A new study led by the RSPB has examined how different land use scenarios can contribute to achieving the NI Executive’s requirement to achieve ‘net zero’ greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. The study revealed how a more strategic approach to land-use decision making must be taken, to help meet the net zero targets, whilst also producing food and…

  • Meet Joss: Master's student studying Lapwing in the Antrim Plateau

    About me!  

    Hi, I’m Joss, a master's student at Queen’s University Belfast, studying Ecological Management and Conservation Biology. I have recently finished my summer placement with RSPB NI, working alongside the conservation team in the Antrim Plateau. My research project was titled “Declining upland Lapwing population response to Agri-environmental scheme options”. I’m from Co. Donegal and have grown-up surrounded by…

  • RSPB NI are urgently calling for a multi-departmental emergency response plan for Lough Neagh and funding to ensure it is delivered

    This summer Lough Neagh has looked like a scene from the Simpsons movie. In the 2007 production, Lake Springfield turns green after Homer and other members of the town dispose of waste inappropriately, leading to Springfield town having a glass dome placed over it.

    However, this isn’t a 20th Century Fox production. The blue-green algae present in Lough Neagh has had an impact on wildlife including a number of swans…

  • RSPB launches an exciting new project to introduce young people to the spectacular County Down wildlife!

    RSPB NI’s Nature Positive Changemakers Programme launches! 

    This new programme is an experiential outdoor learning initiative with a strong community-focused approach. It aims to increase partnership work within primary and secondary schools along with youth and community organisations through direct engagement with and upskilling of existing teachers and youth leaders.

    Through this approach, RSPB NI will educate…

  • The end of Summer is near, but there is so much nature to explore!

    The end of Summer is near, but there is so much nature to explore!

    While the summer seems to be passing us by quickly, between rain showers there is still plenty of nature to see and enjoy before the seasons change and our migratory birds to start to make their way to our skies.

    August is a great time to see House Martins swooping after insects on the wing. These summer visitors are now well into their breeding season…

  • A haven for the local community

    Knockbreda Community Garden Tucked behind Knockbreda Methodist Church in South Belfast is a bustling community garden teeming with wildlife and a support system of local people all working together to help nature thrive. Started over two years ago, t...
  • Young Voices for Nature at Belfast's Window on Wildlife (WOW)

    Last week, we had an amazing time at the Young Voices for Nature's workshop held at Belfast’s Window on Wildlife (WOW). A youth-led film-making project facilitated by World Pencil, set up by WWF, the RSPB, and the National Trust as part of our Save Our Wild Isles campaign.

    The day was filled with inspiring stories and two incredible films that narrated the journey of how young people are saving our wild isles…

  • A walk into Nature-Friendly Farming

    Over the past five decades, nearly half of our farmland wildlife and a staggering 97% of our wildflower meadows have vanished across the UK. In Northern Ireland, around 75 per cent (about 100,000 square kilometres) of our countryside is farmed in some way, playing a crucial role not only in food production but also in supporting wildlife and eco-system services (soil protection, climate regulation, and water quality)…

  • Shell-ebrate our Seas this Marine Week with RSPB NI

    It's National Marine Week!  From the weird to the wonderful, the waters around Northern Ireland provide a home for an amazing array of marine life, a livelihood for many communities and give all of us a place for connection, inspiration, and res...
  • We need to tackle wildfires if we’re going to address the nature and climate emergency

    Guest blog by Dakota Reid, RSPB NI Conservation Officer.

    Our upland habitats provide us with a huge range of benefits – they provide vital homes for nature, store carbon, hold back water to reduce the impacts of flooding downstream and provide us with safe drinking water. But they are in trouble.

    Our uplands are home to a diverse range of wildlife – from common lizards, argent and sable moths and Irish hares to…

  • Explore the new 500m boardwalk at Montiaghs Moss Nature Reserve

    Explore Montiaghs Moss and the new 500m boardwalk this summer.

    This summer I’m aiming to get out into nature as much as possible, and just recently I joined RSPB NI Warden Cathryn Cochrane for a tour of Montiaghs Moss Nature Reserve. Situated near Craigavon, the newest reserve is just a few minutes drive from Portmore Lough. With a fantastic 500m boardwalk, it gives you a chance to get up close to the abundance of butterflies…

  • Youth Campaigning at RSPB NI - Volunteer Week 2023

    By Ruby Free, Campaigning Communications Officer - Youth Campaigner's Line Manager 

    Meet some of the Youth Campaigners at RSPB NI!

    You are never too small to make a difference

    At RSPB NI, we strongly believe that anyone can make a positive impact to nature, which is why we provide the opportunity to develop new and existing skills to be an effective campaigner, conservationist and communicator. The RPSB NI Youth Campaigners…

  • “For me, volunteering has made a big difference” - An interview with Jacqui Forster, Volunteer Coordinator RSPB NI

    Guest blog contribution from Dara Brown, RSPB Volunteer and Team Member

    Just under a year ago, Jacqui had never witnessed the majestic sight of a soaring Red Kite before. But that all changed when she became RSPB NI’s Volunteer Coordinator for the Red Kite Conservation Project here in Northern Ireland.  

    “It will go down as a big ‘wow’ moment in my life,” Jacqui told us, describing her trip …

  • Celebrating Volunteer Week 2023: Introducing RSPB NI’s New Volunteering Development Officer

    This #VolunteersWeek we want to say a HUGE thank you to all who have volunteered their time and expertise in support of RSPB NI’s vital conservation work. The RSPB could not function without volunteers, in fact 85% of our workforce are volunteers. That’s over 12,000 volunteers across the UK. Our volunteers do everything from pulling reeds in local reserves, to co-ordinating and supporting RSPB projects, campaigning for…

  • Celebrating Volunteer Week 2023: Let’s hear from RSPB NI Volunteers!

    Today, in honour of this year’s Volunteer Week, we shine a spotlight on the incredible volunteers who dedicate their time and passion to RSPB NI.  

    We are thrilled to share the experiences of three remarkable volunteers who have made a significant impact in their respective roles. Let's hear from RSPB NI Team Member Dara Brown, Kim Hamilton and Clive Cook, both passionate RSPB NI Volunteers!

    What is it like volunteering…

  • Celebrating Volunteer Week 2023: Volunteers at the forefront of RSPB work

    134 years ago, the passion and dedication of volunteers laid the foundation for the RSPB. As someone who has been fortunate enough to volunteer with the RSPB, I can attest to the vital role volunteers play in keeping our organisation thriving. Across the whole of the RSPB, there are more than 12,000 fantastic volunteers and between them, they contribute almost 1 million hours every year!  

    Every day, our volunteers support…

  • RSPB NI host 'Save Our Wild Isles: Food and Farming' Conference

     RSPB NI host ‘Save our Wild Isles: Food and Farming’ Conference in partnership with Queen’s University Belfast and The National Trust. 


    • Exploring the role of agricultural policy reform, in the context of the nature and climate crisis
    • One day conference on 30 May 2023, at Riddel Hall, QUB, Belfast
    • Showcasing ‘Hungry for Change’ Save Our Wild Isles film


    This one-day conference hosted…

  • Get a 'taste' for Volunteering with RSPB NI this May

    Tomorrow's session is now full! A big thank you to everyone joining in. Couldn't make it this time? Not to worry, the next Volunteer Taster Day will be on the 24th of June.

    Are you interested in getting outdoors, making new friends and helping nature thrive? Volunteering with RSPB provides all that and more.

    This taster day is an excellent opportunity to get a sense of the practical habitat management work that…