When you think of life after the pandemic, how does it look? Do you want to see more birds and bees in our towns and countryside? How about greener energy powering our cars and homes? Or the Government committing to legal targets to halt the warming our of planet?

You don’t need to imagine this future - a green recovery can help make it happen.

Northern Ireland needs a Green Recovery Fund

A green recovery is Northern Ireland’s chance to rebuild our economy, and tackle the nature and climate crises too – creating a lasting recovery. But despite the importance of restoring nature, Northern Ireland is the only country in the UK without dedicated green recovery funding. The good news is, it’s not too late to turn this around!

This month, the Finance Minister is making big spending plans that will shape Northern Ireland’s future after Covid-19. We need lots voices speaking up for nature to make sure he gets it right and funds a better future where people and nature can thrive.

Don't imagine a better future - insist on it

That’s why RSPB NI is asking everyone to email the Minister for a Green Recovery Fund. It might seem daunting but writing to a member of the NI Executive is a powerful way of making your voice heard. To make things easier, we’ve drafted an email that you can send right away or personalise, so it only takes two minutes of your time.

Throughout history, some of the biggest changes have been brought about by passionate people taking action. If enough of us contact the Minister, we have a real chance of making a Green Recovery a reality for Northern Ireland. Act now.