I now have a cunning plan. Part two.

Hi All Birders,

   Things are moving rapidly with my bird box project. Many thanks to the Gardenbirder, Mike B and Seaman for some fantastic feedback and great ideas. Thank you also to the Gardenbirder who posted about some squirrel proof plates which I can buy. Just need the funds now.

   In fact I have had an email from the Beavers (thank you Mike B and Seaman). Not sure if they are the older or younger scout section, as I was B.B., offering help. I am very conscious of working at heights and would not ask any of them to go up a ladder. I have to find out how high one would have to be before a safety harness is needed. I have tree over 100 foot. More help needed.

   For those that are interested I have had a meeting with a volunteer who has offered to make the boxes. He has come up with a couple of great ideas. One about the access for cleaning (anti squirrel) and he has suggested, which I had not thought of, that using offcuts to make the boxes would be more economical. After all the size will make using offcuts a massive help.

Great idea as companies like B&Q are always looking for ways to promote and advertise their green credentials.

   More news soon.

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  • Before scaling 100 feet up a tree, research where your target birds like to nest. I think I read somewhere some don't like being way up high ( which is a bonus to help with cleaning!!) But I can't remember specifics I'm afraid.

    Edit: just for clarity, I think Ann's suggestion of plates was more for great spotted woodpeckers/magpies etc that would predate the young after enlarging the entrance holes.

    Good stuff though Hooky, keep us updated :o)

  • I'll echo PB's advice regarding ladders, check you need to go that high first. If you need to climb that high, consider the use of safety harnesses and hats, I'm sure you would rather continue to be part of and enjoy your hard work.

    You've done well with contacting organisations and had very good responses, and though it may seem cheeky, but search around for someone who has access to long ladders and the appropriate safety gear, starting with something like the Woodland Trust

    The Beavers are the younger section of the Scout Movement, ranging from 6 - 8 years old. Some groups now have an even younger section, called Squirrels, which covers the 4 - 5 year age group.


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  • Hi PB and Mike,
    Yes, I have had a think and to start I am going to go for easy wins. I will go to 10 to 12 feet to get the first ones up and I will check if this is a suitable height,
    Good point about the height of the nest. More work needed as it is no good if the target birds, mainly blue and great tits will not use it.

    Goods news, progression. I have a volunteer who also has an extending ladder. Good job there is no rush as he has contracted the dreaded virus.
    I should have more news mid-week.


  • In reply to Hooky:

    Its good to read yet more progression and help.


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