Sunrises and Sunsets 2022: share your photos here

After what could probably be deemed as a challenging year, not just from a Covid perspective, but the inclement weather and lack of sun that many of us have experienced, 2021 did deliver a good selection of sunrise and sunset photos, with a big thank you to all that contributed, no matter how big or small that contribution was.

For those who want to look back to Sunrises and Sunsets 2021: share your photos here thread, use the link below:

If you have any outstanding sunrises or sunsets from 2021, please do feel free to add them to the 2021 thread, any sunrises and sunsets for 2022 can be added here.

I was lucky to get a sunset to end my selection for 2021 on New Years Eve, and I managed to garb a sunrise this morning to kick start this years thread.

A New Day, A New Dawn, A New Year. 


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