I’m on the beach, kneeling in the sand with the big lens on a lowered tripod. I’m trying to photograph the birds feeding on the washed up seaweed.

There’s always lots of washed up seaweed here, and today is no different. A patch of around seventy or eighty foot long, twenty foot wide, and almost two foot deep. Very damp, and somewhat decomposing and smelly. The birds are moving on and off the seaweed, Starling, Carrion Crow, Pied Wagtail, Rock Pipit, Skylark and the odd Stonechat.

So I’ve tried a few shots when a Border Collie type dog suddenly comes running in from behind me. I manage a quick pat on the head before it goes charging off through the seaweed, scattering all the birds.

Fair enough, I glance behind me to see the owner approaching along the beach towards me. I’m sure he’s going to call the dog to heel as he obviously sees me, and a very conspicuous lens set up and pointed at the seaweed.

Nope.!! The dog comes charging back towards me, back and forth every time another bird tries to come in, obviously chasing the individual birds as it sees them. Still no response from the nice gentleman who owns the happy dog.!!

Not the end of the world, I’ve managed a few snaps of the dog as it came back towards me. He’ll get the dog under control, we’ll exchange pleasantries as he passes by, and I may offer to send him a nice photo of the dog in full flight.

Once again the dog rushes up to me as I’m kneeling there, and once again back down through all of the seaweed, chasing at individual birds as they try to come back in. Still no response from the owner. He passes by to my right, glances at me and walks on without a word.

I’m not one for being spiteful, but when a few steps later he slipped and went crashing down sideways into the rotting seaweed, my heart lifted, if only for a moment.!! Oh, the joy of it.!!

No photos of this, although it would have been nice to capture the moment. Such a pity, I think he would have liked a photo of his faithful friend. Unfortunately I never got around to offering one to him.

I think Karma may be an apt word for such occasions.!!

Happy days.!! :-)

A short time later, (once I had stopped smiling enough to concentrate on the photo taking again)  :-)

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  • LOL Paul, I can absolutely picture what you described and well done for staying so calm - a !! It takes all sorts to make a world as they say but glad you managed these wonderful pictures including mans best friend - the dog !


    Regards, Hazel 

    "Each kindness shown to birds or men is sure to flutter back again" 

  • Oh dear Paul, annoying is not the word! Well done on being so calm and collect, love the story!!

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

  • Great photos of the Wagtail and Pipit. I don't know that I would have remained so restrained as I've lost track of the times a similar thing has happened to me ... sadly, without any effect of karma. It wouldn't take much to call a dog to heel for a few moments but unfortunately the vast majority of owners don't seem to even give it a thought.


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  • Laugh out loud Paul, I'm sat here in my seat grinning from ear to ear, there is a god and stuff happens and your pics came out well...ha ha ha ha, I think I'l still be smiling when I go up to bed in a minute,



  • A story well told, Paul. I wonder if the dog's owner knew that his dog would not obey him so never attempted it, but if that was the case, why wasn't the dog on a lead?! Talk about irresponsible. Perhaps the man never thought about what was happening. At least you had the satisfaction of the karma and you had some lovely pics as well, despite the interruption.

    Kind regards, 


  • In reply to Gardenbirder:

    Thanks all.

    Gardenbirder said:
    Perhaps the man never thought about what was happening.

    I suspect that was maybe the case, he may have just been wandering along in a world of his own. Most dog walkers I encounter are really good with keeping them under control.

    Still ....... :-)

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  • Very nice pictures Paul, and I'm glad he went down on his *** shame you never got a picture of that.


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  • Hi Paul, I'm loving your photos on this the RSPB website and excited to follow you on Flickr.

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