My birdwatching holiday in May 2020.

This is where i will be going on holiday in May 2020 with the Newcastle RSPB Group. Nowhere near as far as to the Outer Hebrides in May of this year 2019. Just received my booking form today believe it or not, the post by royal mail just arrived just before 4.30pm as on Monday and Tuesday morning the post arrived before 9.30am



  • Looks good, I'm sure you'll enjoy it, and we'll look forward to the report and photos 


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  • I had a fantastic weeks holiday in the Outer Hebrides and saw birds I’d never seen before. We all saw White Tailed Eagle(Sea Eagle), Great Northern Diver, and Red Throated Diver. We’ve all saw Golden Eagles as well, but we’ve  all seen the Golden Eagle before when a pair nested with young near to Hawswater in the Lake District as a pair nested for many years as the RSPB used to have an observation point to view them with telescopes supplied. We also saw a pair of Whooper Swans nesting at a local community reserve on the Island of Harris, as I do know a very small population of that Swan nest in Northern Scotland, approx 23 pairs, but of course it will vary from year to year. Sadly none of our Group saw the Corncrake. But we heard them with there unique sound and when we visited RSPB reseve Balranald on North Uist, the Corncrake sounded only feet away, but stubbornly refused to come into view. There are a number of the members of the Newcastle RSPB Group who didn’t go on the Groups holiday have seen the Corncrake in the Outer Hebrides, going on holidays privately with there family’s a number of years ago.



  • Something good to look forward to Ian with the packed itinerary & all needs found! Am sure you'll see lots of good birds at that time of year ... you'll have to get us some pics on your phone ... did you get any on your Outer Hebrides trip that you've been keeping secret?


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  • Looks good. though sad that you have to go on Facebook to get to grips with what's happening at Leighton Moss




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  • I’m looking forward to visiting South Walney as well as that is sonwhere I’ve never visited. Although I have visited Martin Mere on a day trip, but we didn’t arrive until late morning and then had to leave fairly early and it was the same with Leighton Moss on my RSPB Groups visit to Leighton Moss as tbe coach didn’t arrive until late morning. This time the Group will be able to spend all day at Leighton Moss and Martin Mere in May 2020. I hope I can meet James like I did 2 years ago on the day trip to Leighton Moss. I won’t know which day of the birdwatching holiday my RSPB Group will be visiting Leighton Moss until we get the itinery for the holiday in 2020 about 2-3 weeks before the coach departs on the annual birdwatching holiday. I’ll be posting off the booking form tomorrow as those Group members who visited the Outer Hebrides get first chance to reserve a place on the holiday in 2020 and other Group members will get there chance in August when the Newcastle RSPB Group’s quarterly Newsletter is published with the details for other Group members on how to reserve there place.



  • Certainly something to look forward to Ian with a great variety of sites to visit. A lot of years ago I was working in outdoor pursuits and we had an annex in that area which myself and another instructor took advantage of to go birding around parts of Morcambe Bay and we had some good times there and even did the guided walk across the bay led by the official guide,glad he knew the way


    Birding is for everyone no matter how good or bad we are at it,enjoy it while you can

  • I’ve found out more on why on part of the places we will be visiting in 2019 it says RSPB Southport. Well it seems after enquiring it will be a trip to RSPB reserve Marshside.