Dead swans found in Kent

 Read on the website other day about a family of swans shot dead in Kent, it is disgusting how these people can do this.  It was on the BBC website, I wouldn't know how to upload  the caption from one site to here


  • Lets hope that somebody saw what was happening & the people who did it will be caught, however the police probably don't have the ressources to follow it up. It is such a sad fact of life these days & the persons who did it will almost certainly do it to other wildlife, pets, people.......  .

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    Just read this dreadful story ... words fail me!


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  • It really beggars belief when you read such news, hard to comprehend the malice and evil needed in a human to commit such a crime on defenceless wildlife.    Sadly, I doubt any animal subjected to such cruelty will ever get the justice this type of criminal activity deserves due to stretched finances and limited man power to track down the low-life/s that did this.    Hope they rot in  H*LL


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    Yet another sad and disgusting story, regarding folk who who should be severely punished for animal cruelty, but will thy, No, probably will never be caught and if they were, not a lot would be done. 

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  • I imagine it's almost impossible to find out who was responsible unless there were witnesses, but it still beggars belief that anyone would do this sort of thing and presumably just because it amused them. While we may have better gun control in the UK than the US, it seems it still isn't restrictive enough. 


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