Catlady's quiz, come on, have a go!

Seeing as our Osprey's have gone and some of our posters as well, I thought things were a bit quiet on here. I have put together a wee quiz. Just for a bit of fun, hope it is not to easy or hard. Don't post your answers for a wee while, if you are stuck (which I am sure you will not be) I may give you a hint, will come back with answers in a few days. Let me know how you are gettng on. All answers are birds. Good luck. CL.

1.   Part of a shirt and a make of soap.
2.   Richard the ... and top of the bottle. 
3.   Figure skater, TV presenter, famous singer.
4.   To hit your opponent lightly and all lined up. 
5.   Lyons baking ingredient and a score in golf. 
6.   A famous piper and the dogs chasing this. 
7.   Chestnut and Pine and to move slowly. 
8.   Fence posts and don't get down, keep your... up.
9.   Secure your boat and not the cockerel.
10.  I hope this multicoloured fellow hides from the shoot. 
11.  Flushed cheeks and up in the air on a string. 
12.  Standing tall in fields but getting cut and a string of flags. 
13.  Green patches around the country and is it a garden fete. 
14.  You need this as well as having to work. 
15.  You live in this and he keeps you right with your money. 
16.  You can have a bad reaction to these and to leave an egg. 
17.  To boast and show off. 
18.  They grow along the waterside in beds and not singing. 
19.  I can be seen in the sky at night and a fish. 
20.  Careful when moving the candle and being kept under. 

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.