Warblers - Here's some fun for the intrepid :)

Try these Slight smile



  • Hope you haven't put up something extra special like a Savi's Warbler or I've no chance not having seen one to compare it to LOL Reed, Grasshopper !
  • Hi

    top one is Reed

    Bottom is Marsh- slightly yellow tinge to bill base,  legs and feet and no warm rufous on rump

    Personally I think they have a less 'mean' expression- possibly less contrasty face pattern- often a grey cast on crown or nape


  • Thanks S, it's really helpful to have some ID tips along side these birds although I'm never going to remember them ! I really envy people like yourself and Rob who have such an in depth and incredible knowledge of birds and can recognise the species at quarter mile away perched or in flight ! Wish I would have got into this bird watching hobby when I was 5 years old instead of 55 years old as the brain isn't quite the same sponge it was back then ;) If you get time, more species pics would be welcome as long as they are not from outer Mongolia lol
  • I like your note about less mean expression S I use a similar expression ref Greater and Lesser Black Backed Gulls.Useful hints on the warbler id
  • Wendy S said:
    I use a similar expression ref Greater and Lesser Black Backed Gulls.

    I find these much easier to tell apart than many warblers ....... except for the youngsters!