Bird song ID


I heard this birdsong during a dawn walk though some woodland by the Dorset Stour. I took a video so I could listen to the song and work it out back at home but I’m still stuck. Can anybody help? 

The video is here:

The call in question is the ‘doo doo da da’ at the beginning and end of the clip. 

Many thanks,


  • Hi Chris, sorry no one got back to you. I can hear the calls you are referring to but can't pin down quite what it is. It sounds "tit" like to me but could be wrong. If that is the case the most likely culprit is a Great Tit as they have so many different calls/songs. Best I can do I'm afraid and I can understand why you were puzzled.



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  • Thanks TeeJay, I did spot something that looked like a great tit silhouette up in the tree; so thats really helpful!