Roseanna Cunningham: Political Advocate of the Year 2019

  • I make the point again: there is no reason not to post political issues that affect conservation on this community. If it offends your sensibilities then stop reading it. The moderators have clearly decided there is nothing wrong with the post.

    You are just trying to impose your distaste for the topic on everyone else.

    You find my comments "disrespectful": why should I respect anyone who is trying to censor my opinions? I find your constant criticism unnecessary and disrespectful, the difference is that I will respond in kind and not go running to the moderators to impose censorship

    Simon Tucker

  • Posts reinstated.

    Simon Tucker

  • Hello. Whilst we as an organisation are politically neutral, as some of you have mentioned above, we do actively support lively debate on all subjects within the Community. However, we should remember to remain respectful towards fellow community members, even if their opinions differ from our own. When using the forums, please ensure that you bear our terms and conditions in mind. You can find the RSPB Communities terms and conditions here:

    I hope my post doesn't discourage anyone from engaging in active conservation discussions on RSPB Communities.
  • In reply to RSPB Admin:

    Thank you for this: better late than never.

    I have no problem discussing issues with people but the replies to this post were not people disagreeing with my point but my right to make the point.

    They trolled throughout, reporting non-abusive posts as abusive, all of which were reinstated on appeal.

    They, by contrast, indulged in personal attacks, which you allowed to remain on the thread.

    Simon Tucker

  • I have been reading all the posts to this thread but this will be my one and only post here.
    It is obvious that there is not going to be agreement on the timing of Simon's original post & whether any of the subsequent posts have been rude, disrespectful or whatever. I am not going to express an opinion on any of that.
    No-one has responded to the content of Simon's original post, might I suggest that now we should just let anyone who wants to comment on Simon's original post do so. If people do the post will remain "current" if not it will slip down the forum pages as with any other thread.

  • In reply to Ian S:

    I am perfectly happy to trade informed opinions but that is not what happened here. Three people tried to censor a discussion which I think is valid - and I have had a personal email from the administrators confirming that, whilst the RSPB maintains a neutral stance politically, they are perfectly happy for such discussions to take place on the forum. As you can see, a version of that email has been posted directly by the administrators. They also confirmed that they had reinstated my posts.

    That said - those three should have the decency to delete their posted objections, as it has been confirmed that those objections are not valid, and they are not contributing to, but detracting from, the discussion I had hoped to spark. If no-one is interested in that discussion, that's a different thing, and I am not arrogant enough to think that because I find it interesting others would also.

    Simon Tucker