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    Thanks for a great quiz Hazy!

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    Hazel in the Gironde estuary, France

  • Been out to dinner and just came home.  I agree, Thanks, Hazel for a lovely quiz.

    TJ, That is the one I meant, near Andover.  Mr GB volunteers there 2 days a week.  Also, we've been visiting the Newent site for decades and will be going there again in late May.  They are very different places but both are great in that both are very entertaining, both educate the general public about birds of prey, both breed endangered birds of prey and both are involved in conservation projects, at the moment particularly in support of Vultures.  You probably know that most species of Vultures have experienced huge drops in numbers, mainly due to the actions of humans.  The HCT put over £900,000 toward conservation efforts last year.  The hospital at the HCT takes in about 200 birds of prey per year from the public, some actually injured, some uninjured young birds picked up by folk not aware of bird behaviour.  For instance, the fact that young Tawny Owls tend to fall out of their nests or from a branch but are completely capable of climbing back up a tree. 

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    EDIT I've just realised you were talking about the Hawk Conservatory Trust near Andover. I was thinking of the International Centre for Birds of Prey at Newent in Glos. Doh

    TJ - I can thoroughly recommend both places, as Ann does. ICBP definitely shades it for Falcon displays, especially if Jemima is doing them, as she is a born entertainer and falcons have always been at the centre of her and her father's lives. They do fly many other species - eagles, owls, kites, vultures etc but she is in her element with a good falcon and the flying grounds are well sited. The Hawk Conservancy Centre - has more variety because it has 3 different flying grounds  for different displays. The one I like best is the wooded area where they fly the owls and the Brahminy Kite.




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  • Bob, We do love both centres.  The last time we were visiting the ICBP in late May or early June last year, Jemima had a part in all of the flying displays during the day.  She is fabulously entertaining so we felt very lucky to go on a day when she was free to participate.  And I'll never forget last March going to the HCT's 'Owls by Moonlight' when we had no moonlight at all because it was snowing heavily.  To watch their female Snowy Owl powerfully flying through huge, fluffy, falling snowflakes, totally unconcerned, was just fantastic.  She also galumphed after her trainer through 2 inches of snow to illustrate that the Trust train their Owls to follow them before they can fly.  Watching her huge feathered feet bouncing through the snow was both beautiful and hysterically funny.  What a star she is!

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  • Spectacled Owl (this is Galaxy! - not sure about that strange mobile phone):


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    Awwww,  I love Galaxy and empathise that he has to wear spectacles to see   LOL


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    A very striking looking bird, Ann. I've got a Samsung Galaxy phone but it's not as pretty as this bird. LOL



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