Colourful Conundrums (Just for Fun)

With the dark days of winter upon us, perhaps we’re feeling a bit blue at the moment?

Some of us may be seeing red due to changes and problems with the new look site.

Perhaps you’ve overindulged over the past few weeks, and you could be feeling anything from pale white through to decidedly green.!!

It’s always a big help when identifying birds if we can see them in their full colourful glory, but what if they looked totally different due to abnormal colouration?

I’ve changed the colours on the following mages (only very slightly though), so perhaps if you feel like it you could see if you’re able to identify the species, and if appropriate, gender of the colourful conundrums listed.

I put this together quite quickly so I don’t think this particular challenge should prove too much of a problem, but then again, I already know the answers.!!

Hint - Some of the tones may (or may not) be reversed; for example, dark tones show up light, and vice versa.

As always, it’s just for fun. Good luck.  :-)













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  • Do we have a clue as to which one we have wrong ?      No. 11 or perhaps No. 12  !!  ? 


    Regards, Hazel 

  • It's in the top 10 but dropped a place last year. :-)

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  • Only one still to get is a very common garden bird.

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  • Apologies for not posting up answers yet, been very busy over last few days.

    Number 8 still not ID’d yet. Will try to post answers tonight if I get time. Thanks again to all for having a bash at this. :-)

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  • Number 8 still not ID’d yet.

    Well it's a finch so maybe a Brambling ?    


    Regards, Hazel 

  • maybe a Brambling ? 

    Or perhaps a Chaffinch



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  • yes, I thought the markings could be chaffinch too  -  a very soggy one   lol     I was between the two but went for Brambling thinking Paul was going to put a more obscure answer in    !


    Regards, Hazel 

  • What about a Siskin?

    Best wishes

    Hazel in Southwest France

  • Answers as promised.

    1. Female Teal, no problems here.

    2. Redshank, again, no problems.

    3. Dunlin. I suspect the 'unnatural' positioning of the bird caused a bit of confusion. The 'shore' typo was a very obscure clue to this one. I think it may have sounded better in my head.!! :-)

    4. Drake Wigeon. I thought this one may have caused a bit of bother.....but I was wrong.!!

    5. Drake Mallard, no problems here.

    6. Yellowhammer, not too much bother here either.

    7. Fieldfare, no probs, even with part of the bird obscured.!!

    8. Female Chaffinch (I sincerely hope). I initially thought this would be an easy one, but with hindsight, lots Finches have a very similar look and the heavily contrasted red & black really didn't help. Plus the bird was wet from bathing.....and crouched down on the ground. I actually feel really guilty now.!! :-)

    9. Female Gadwall, lovely, elegant looking birds in my opinion.

    10. Ruff, in flight.

    11. Female Goldeneye. Not an easy one, hence the clues regarding dark / light tone reversal.

    12. Golden Plover. Again, not an easy one, so very well done.

    Once again many thanks for joining in. I always worry that it'll be too easy (or too difficult) and I do realise that knowing the answers to begin with perhaps blinkers me as to how easy (or otherwise) the answers may be.

    As always, all of the conundrums were identified, so very well done to all. :-)

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