Bluetit in Loft

I notice some sound / scratching in the ceiling of my upstairs bedroom , suspecting maybe mice in the loft I’ve been up to explore.

I found a bluetit where the roof meets the loft floor , and I can see an old hole I suspect an overflow pipe from an old water tank went through to the outside . 

I can see this hole from the outside in the woodern fascia board. I suspect it was filled, blocked but has somehow fallen out ( recently had gutters cleaned and its perhaps come loose & fallen out) 

Anyway , 

looks to be a little bit of nest material , but no real nest, i could see, (I was a distance) would a bluetit be nesting at this time ? 

Would i be ok to block the hole, obviously id some how need to do this when the bluetit has left . 

Any ideas how best to approach this ? 

  • It does seem a bit early for material to be taken in, in my opinion. They will be looking for somewhere and finding the perfect place. Is it possible the material was there from last year, nest possibly started and not continued, and the facia boards was covering it up. Keep looking and you will see if the bird is coming and going, with material and if that is the case, it is against the law to interfere with any nesting site, clean, remove, block etc, from when the first material is taken in. Hopefully someone will give you more advice.

  • It may well be a roosting bird and the material old from a previous year but does require some watching in case it is actually nesting as Catlady has said ... they don't usually bring in any new material if just roosting!