Snail eating Bird food crumbs

Looks like someone else likes my Bird food aswell

he was hoovering them  up 

  • This was quiet entertaining
  • Natures hoovers as I call them, along with many other species, doing a good clear up job.


    Flickr Peak Rambler

  • Yes they are. Even though they are Cause it was amusing I made some jokes about it saying in wet weather maybe I should find a Snail  just put a Snail on the table if they arent on there if  the birds leave the rest and let the snail Hoover the rest up since he’s a good hoover.

     The  Ants  carry my bird food up the tree And I see them put it down or take it to there nest cause they have a nest under the tree  so both the Ants and the Snails are good hoovers. There one of the reasons my bird food goes down so quickly. Iv seen the ants carrying my mealworms so both they and the birds are why they go down if I put them out. I havnt seen snails eat mealworms though.  Iv seen Ants carrying my seeds and it makes me curious when I see them walk off with them. But interestingly aswell as aerateing the soil they also play a role in seed dispersal. But If the Ants haven’t  got rid of it all the snail will finish it off for them. It’s quiet interesting cause Snails are herbivores and I didn’t know they ate seeds. But then I guess seeds are something Snails  would encounter out in the wild since some plants do produce seeds