Something odd on Community pages & Notifications!

Has anyone else noticed odd things going on, on  the community pages, on the first page there will several posts with no views but have replies? Many have no time but shown as latest? In notifications I know several of us have some sitting there that we can't get rid of, but I am not getting notifications when I should be, from posts liked, answered, mentioned. All this happening since last night.

I have looked in my settings and everthing is ticked the same as it always has been.

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  • I have noticed. What on earth is going on!



  • Thank goodness it is not just me Ian, I am using a new tablet I got from hubby for a special birthday and thought it might have been that?

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    No it's not you CL...your new tablet is working fine...pity this site ain't!!!

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  • If you mean this then I noticed it aswell. My notifications have been acting up aswell.

  • I did wonder weather anyone else had the same problom but I thought I would give it another day and see if it keeps doing it or not
  • I'm really getting slack recently, I never noticed it was this bad. I gave up on notifications yonks ago as they became unreliable so just scroll through the forum when I'm on the computer or playing around on the tablet


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  • In reply to Seaman:

    For me Its not that there’s no notifications alerting at all but rather that there very slow or delayed. They were ok and we were getting them like your supposed to it was only yesterday that they acted up.
  • For notifications it might be a good idea to just scroll up and down until they start working again. For the views like in the screenshot theres 0 except for the ones that were already made before that day. Maybe the view thing will go back to normal when the notifications go back to normal.
  • Not just the views, but also notifications have been running slow, and my guess, the old nemesis, its the beginning of a new month, because it seems to be back to normal this morning.


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  • In reply to Mike B:

    Post edit, its going slow again and the notifications are all over the place, but I still feel its down to the beginning of the month scenario. We've been lucky the last two or three months, the month start has been seamless.


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