Please Help Protect our Precious Birds / Petition.

Hi everyone, I am new here and posting to raise awareness of the controversial HUGE wind farm plans that have been proposed- which will harm many Rare and Protected Sea Birds and Non Sea birds. 

Ultimately my main concern is the harm which would be caused to so much Wildlife for a Gigantic wind farm to be sited 'Close to shore' in a 'Low wind' area that can not even connect to the National grid via existing cable connections, instead cutting a new 37 KM cable route path through ancient woodland and internationally rare chalk grassland of the Nationally important South Downs National Park. (116 Turbines, each as tall as the Eiffel Tower) have never been built so close to the coast, spanning such a large proportion of the horizon/ seascape. Sadly the proposed wind farm would be hugely detrimental to many organisations previous efforts to conserve the biodiversity of our beloved Wildlife.

The assessment area includes: 6 very high sensitivity SPA species (gannet, bar‐tailed godwit, lesser black‐backed gull, Sandwich tern, common tern, and brent goose), 4 high sensitivity EU Birds species (red‐throated diver, Balearic shearwater, little gull and arctic tern) and a further 14 medium sensitivity species. Potential impacts include barrier effects, disturbance and displacement, collision risk and changes in habitat, plus changes in prey supply. Other Key risks from the wind farm are identified as being collision risk to gannet, great skua, lesser black‐backed gull, herring gull, great black‐backed gull, kittiwake, and common and arctic terns, and disturbance to gannet, guillemot and razorbill. When specific consideration is also given to other species potentially linked to a SPA (Sandwich tern, common tern, bar‐tailed godwit), and to other Annex 1 species (including red‐throated diver, arctic tern and little gull) the overall impact would be significant.

Plus there are serious concerns that the impacts on other birds from the construction of the new cable route including Nightingales and Turtle Doves have been underplayed. Our Local Local Ornithological Society - have expressed concerns about the impacts on birds of both the wind farm itself but also about the new 37Km route that the 50m-wide cable trench will carve to the national grid. In addition the cable will come ashore at Climping. This is a 'major site' for birds in Sussex (particularly for migrant birds). 

Many other Rare and Protected species would be effected due to disturbance, loss of habitat and fragmentation of habitat, these include: Various Species of Dolphins and Whales, Harbour porpoises, Seals, numerous other Marine Species including Seahorses and Black Bream, Badgers, Hazel Dormice, Water Voles, Otters, Hedgehogs, numerous Bat Species, Sand Lizards, Great Crested Newts, Reptiles, Butterflies and more. Our recently protected Sussex Kelp forests which Sir David Attenborough supported the campaign to protect will also be detrimentally affected. Kelp forests absorb huge amounts of carbon and are among the most biodiverse habitats on the planet. 

We all know the need for energy from renewable resources including offshore 'Wind Farms' to counter the effects of global warming. However, Research has shown that offshore wind farms sited further out to sea where winds are stronger, will generate (approximately 60%) significantly more power.  There is plenty of capacity at sites further out to sea, so surely there can be no justification for any huge inshore wind farms to be sited in ’Low Wind’ areas anywhere in the UK. Furthermore, technological advances now enable ‘floating turbines’ to be deployed even further from the mainland which generate up to 80% more productivity and cause even less harm to our natural habitats.

Surely clear thinking, considerate planning and focus on delivering the cleanest, most efficient and truly green energy is the way forward. Please help secure a better way forward by signing the petition at:

Thank you for your support.