Just yesterday realised that we have at least a couple of green finches with Trichomonosis. Have removed all feeders etc. but we have a large population of green finches, goldfinches, sparrows, chaffinches etc as well as collared doves and wood pigeons that feed off the outfall from the small feeders, and I’m conscious it is very cold and likely heading colder.

How soon could I safely replace the feeders?

Any advice or experience gratefully received.


  • A minimum of 2 weeks before you should put feeders out. have you raked around where the feeders were - it will allow the cold to hopefully kill off bacteria and it sounds really mean but also remove water sources for the time being.

    If you can get some Ark-klens to clean off feeders as well it will get into all nooks and crannies

    Cin J

  • In reply to Germain:

    Thanks for this. Good advice, I had removed a small water feeder but a small pond I can’t do much about unfortunately. Got a bird safe disinfectant but have thrown a couple of feeders away and ordered new just to be sure.
    I have read articles that suggest up to 6 weeks but these seem to date from around 2006 when little was known about this and was just being assessed so wasn’t confident this was still good advice?
    Was worried that with the number we seem to support and the cold weather getting hold now that they wouldn’t be able to find enough natural food in the location.
    Will try the two weeks and see what happens - thanks again !
  • Be scrupulous about cleaning and maybe put only enough food that can be eaten in a morning so that you can keep swapping out feeders. The longer you can leave it the better - the parasite is considered to be fairly fragile and doesn't survive long outside the host, so being able to used different feeding places, raking up the round will help hopefully. The more birds that you feed the higher the risk of passing it on.

    Cin J

  • Thanks CinJ
    Yes the new feeders have arrived and the ground below the feeders in each location is gravel so can bleach and rinse to make sure anything is killed off.
    Have cut adjacent branches where they tend to queue up waiting for their turn on the feeders. Only thing now I think is to wait for any disease in the population to die off (I know that probably sounds cruel)
    I’ll try two weeks as you suggest and see what happens - will post the outcome