Hello all

Hello everyone, my name is Alex, and I have just joined your community. I live in the Sheffield area, and I am looking for any voluntary opportunities rspb or wildlife related in the area, and to make new friends which goes without saying.

  • Hi Alexander and welcome to the forum.

    I don't know Sheffield that well, though I did quickly do a Google search for reserves around Sheffield, of which there are a few, and some non-RSPB reserves.

    A lot depends on where about in Sheffield you live and what transport you have or may require, but if you do a Google search and then select maps.


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  • Hi Alex and welcome to the forum from N.Yorkshire, I don't know your area very well but there will probably be a local RSPB group in the area which may help you or try contacting Yorkshire Wildlife Trust or try contacting the BTCV who have conservation groups all over the country.


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  • Hello Alexander, welcome from the very top of Scotland, in Caithness. Hope you find what you are looking for and are able to help it somewhere. You will meet plenty of friendly people on here, read good posts and see lovely photos and videos. Enjoy.

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