Posting a photo

Hello. I'm a new member. Can't work out how to post a photo from my phone gallery. Can someone tell me please?

  • Hello Jean and welcome to the forum.

    I hope the following helps:

    First, you need to select "Use rich formatting" located at the bottom right of the textbox.

    Using the tabs at the top

    1. Select "Insert"
    2. Select "Insert image/video/file"
    3. Where it says "From" select the source, "Web (URL)/File upload/Community search"
    4. If you use "Web (URL)", then all you need to do is insert the link
    5. If you choose "File upload" then upload a file from your device or computer in the normal way by selecting the computer/device drive, folders and file.
      1. NOTE: If you are uploading a photo, you can change the image pixels at this point before the final upload.
    6. If you choose "Community search" using the search tool, search for the relevant posting.
    7. When you've made your selection, select "OK" to post/upload, or if you've selected the wrong file/link etc, then select "Cancel"
    8. To select the next file or link, start the above process again and for subsequent uploads.


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