Large birds on feeders

Hi all I desperately need advice please I have a bird feeder with biggish holes that I put Suet balls in and I get an array of birds on there and my favourite the great spotted woodpecker more than one I go through a lot of these suet balls which I don’t mind as I could stand by the window all day and watch the birds feeding , but the last week or so I have had magpies and jackdaws on there and they are eating all the suet balls could I please have some advice as to how to stop this as I want to desperately keep feeding my smaller birds and my woodpeckers but not those larger birds ????? 

  • Nicola it looks as though you are using your email as your user name it may be an ideas to change it if you cam to prevent an y spam. Sorry I have no great solutions to your query


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  • I'll also share Pete's concerns regarding your email being used as your user name. You can change it by accessing your profile and typing in a new user name.

    As for the suet ball feeder, there really isn't anything you can do. Feeders are basically a free-for-all scenario, and the only way to stop the larger birds is to totally remove the feeder(s).

    You may be able to get a suet ball feeder with what's called a squirrel guard, but in my experience, the smaller birds don't like the guard and tend to stay away.

    I wouldn't recommend placing anything around the feeder(s) to restrict access, because the restrictive material could come adrift and cause undue suffering, or even death to feeding birds!


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