Hi. I’ve just joined today, and plan to take part in the bird watch this weekend, however I am fairly used to the different birds I have in the garden but this lunchtime I looked out and there was a bird curled up in front of my shed, he wasn’t moving for ages, so I slowly tried to get a closer look and it scurried off behind some bushes. I’ve tried to attached a video but it will only let me attached photos. It is now back to being curled up next to the shed and gives me the impression of being lost. Does any one know what kind of bird this is? 

it hasn’t flown at all, it’s just scurried about? It’s hard to see the size of it in this photo but it’s smaller than a pigeon but much bigger than a blackbird 

  • Hi Clzkm
    That looks like a Woodcock. They are known to take shelter in gardens in periods of bad weather. I'm surprised it hasn't left unless it's sick or injured. They are normally active only after dark when they go feeding probing soft ground for worms and the like.



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    Thanks, it doesn’t seem to have as long a beak as a woodcock. I’m going to keep an eye on it as it’s just standing there in that corner, and that’s been over an hour
  • The beak does look very short. It's difficult to make out much detail in the dark corner. Can't think what else it might be.



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  • Certainly a woodcock. They are notorious for colliding into buildings. Hopefully it isn't injured. Is it safe where it is?
  • Hello Clzkm, welcome from up at the top of Scotland, in Caithness. Sorry but I can't really make out the bird either, it is a bit dark. Keep an eye on it and see what happens. Good luck with the bird watch at the weekend.

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  • In reply to Robbo:

    I’ve gotten closer and I would agree now it is a woodcock. However his beak is considering smaller. He is safe in the back garden in terms of the fact we don’t have cats going about her, but we do have a magpie who visits daily and seagulls. I’ll keep an eye on him but wondering how long I should leave it before calling someone for help if he is still there tonight?
  • Hopefully it got away at dusk.
  • In reply to Robbo:

    Last night around 5pm it left.... I can’t be sure but I think I saw him fly away and after a search in the garden it would seem he was gone....! However this morning he is back..... he is just dotting around my grass pecking away at the grass for food, and has since then went and hid in the bushes in the same corner as yesterday.
    Is my garden a suitable home for him?
  • Okay further update. Spoke to SSPCA - they asked me to try and capture him. If he does then fly away he is fine and I don’t need to be concerned. I went out, he ran like the clappers and then flew off, but within 5mins he is back. So there is obviously something tasty in my garden
  • Hi

    woodcocks feed in gardens in my nearby towns- they like worms etc and rain soaked lawns are a good hunting ground


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