Hello! Bird Feeder Here!

Hello there.  We love our wild birds, so much so we recently started filming them and put them on you tube.  Partly because we love watching them but also because nature is a spectacular event that goes on around us every day.  There may be those who are unable to get outside who may like to share in the wonder of our feathered friends.  

Our bird feeders grew when we saw a Jackdaw with miscoloured feathers.  On looking it up we found out that it could be caused my malnutrition.  So we marched straight out and got more feeders and a larger variety of food.  GT (Grey Tips) is a regular visitor and the discolouration has changed, it's not as plentiful and it's brighter, so maybe the internet was onto something.  Maybe he's just not your usual black/grey jackdaw.  Either way we love his visits.  

I'd love to hear any tips or advice on what's good for our little birders.  We love to watch them.  In a totally non creepy way of course lol ;) 

If you'd like to see our videos I'll post a link here but I'm not here to spam, just genuinely love birds :).