Mystery bird

Hi I saw a bird being mobbed by crows it was about 2 times the size of the crows and it was occasionally turning on its wing tip and showing the talons, obviously a threat display, the underside was pale blue / grey, what was it? Any ideas! I know that it was a predator as the wing tips were spread like fingers and the reaction of the crows to it being in the area. Chris in Suffolk

  • Difficult to be sure from the description, but most likely a Buzzard, unless you can definitively rule it out. Youngsters can be quite pale underneath which will look grey in the shadows. Crows will normally mob Buzzards whenever both are around.


    Nige   Flickr

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    Brilliant thanks for that I live in the Ipswich area so I hope you are right if so that's good news as I have seen a Male sparrow hawk in my garden again there were smaller birds mobbing it in the tree where it was perched. I think that means a healthy population of prey.