Need ID of bird seen in my garden this morning

I have a trellis about 7 feet high on which I have sweet peas that have aphids, mostly greenfly.  About 7.30am today I noticed a very small bird flitting about in there which I presumed it to be a wren because it was tiny, brown and the way it moved I presumed it to be a wren. However, then I saw that it did not have the tail of a wren and also was very pale cream on its underparts.  Can someone help with the Identity please?

  • Sounds very like a goldcrest to me. They are garden birds, though not particularly commo, they are widespread. have a look here.

    Best wishes.

  • Had goldcrests in the garden yesterday, and this is the time of year when they often visit. The other possibility is chiffchaff.
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    Didn’t notice gold bar on crown but thank you for your help.
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    We don’t have conifers around where Goldcrests tend to gather and didn’t notice a gold bar on the crown so I am thinking that it may have been a Chiffchaff. Very small it was and moved very “jumpily”, flitting about as a wren.
  • This may sound a bit daft but I sometimes mistake a Dunnock for a Wren from a distance as it does often jump about like one or maybe its just my bad eyesight...just wanted to throw it into the mix

    (Pardon the Scottish Accent)

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    No, definitely not a dunnock. Much too small and more “jumpy” than a Dunnock. I get lots of dunnocks on the ground and they are about the size of a Robin or sparrow but this bird was much smaller with a very white underside. Thank you for your suggestion though.
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    Just my eyesight then Lesley lol

    (Pardon the Scottish Accent)

  • I love the Scottish accent and I adore Scotland. You should never ever ask for pardon for your lovely accent but be proud of it. I think it is a tragedy that accents throughout the whole country are disappearing. Thank you for your help with the little bird. Haven’t seen him since.