What woodpecker is this

it is cream and black a little patch of red on the top of its head.No red anywhere else.

  • Sounds as if you're describing a Lesser Spotted Woodpecker but they are not so common according to this guide ... www.birdguides.com/.../british-woodpecker-photo-id-guide
    Is your bird one of these?


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  • Depending on what angle you saw the woodpecker from, ie., side on where you couldn't see the under rump (which might have shown a hint of more pinky-red) it could have been a juvenile Great Spotted Woodpecker if it wasn't the "Lesser". which less likely to be seen than the great.    Lesser is only the size of a house sparrow so depends how small you mean. 


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  • Almost certainly juvenile great spotted woodpecker. There are loads about now.