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can anyone recommend a bird scarer. The reason being that I own several cats. They are confined by a cat fence to my garden. But every spring the blackbirds insist on coming down onto my lawn, in spite of neighbours also having large lawns. The just killed a blackbirds which is extremely distressing for me. I have a glitter balloon but the birds ignore that. Thanks. Cornelia Singh.

  • Are you aware you are posting on a bird charity website? If you would like cat scarer advice, that is more likely than bird scarer.
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    I wish I had a cat scarer. The number of cats I’ve had in my garden and I’ve had problems over the years, with quite a number of birds killed sadly by cats in recent years. In the last six months not so bad, thank goodness.



  • I've seen it all now ! Cornelia, you are definitely on the wrong website to enquire about bird scarer advice as this site is dedicated to the conservation and protection of birds and we do nothing to encourage scaring birds away from gardens which is part of their natural habitat along with the broader countryside, however, on the other hand ……. if I was advising your neighbour I'd recommend having hose pipe on standby to scare away the cats ! I understand you were distressed seeing the cat kill a blackbird and are asking advice for something to protect more birds from been catted - but you want that by scaring birds away ……………….. this just isn't realistic ……….. unless you can get half a dozen sparrowhawks to guard your garden ! On a serious note, keep your eye on the cats and try enjoy watching the garden bird visitors so you can have the best of both worlds.


    Regards, Hazel 

    "Each kindness shown to birds or men is sure to flutter back again" 

  • Just a thought I it has been soooooo dry the last two months, out of the neighbours either side of you, and yourself, who is watering their lawns the most, if at all? I would suggest blackbirds prefer well watered, green lawns with soft ground. If you are watering your lawn, might be worth resisting.