Dead Birds because of 5G

Why is there dead birds all round the M25. Round Kent area and near Gatwick have been reported. I have been reading a lot of things about 5G network causing it and seen other videos of birds strewn across roads and dropping out of trees. Does anyone have any other information on it. 

  • Good morning,

    Thank you for raising this with us – the RSPB has been made aware of a small number of videos being shared online that apparently show dead birds. Without physical examination, it would be impossible to determine their cause of death.

    The RSPB is currently collecting information to better understand the concerns being expressed about 5G technology and will use this as we continue to review the topic.

    At present, our scientists are not aware of any robust population-level scientific studies that have shown declines in bird populations that could be explained by electromagnetic radiation. The scientific evidence for such a threat is equivocal at best which, when combined with some of the unsubstantiated comment on the internet, means it is difficult for us to be certain of the facts.

    At a time when the natural world is faced by so many threats that are well-proved and are having clear national and international impacts on our bird populations, the RSPB has to prioritise where we can make a difference. If sound science emerges that proves a clear (and lethal) link between 5G and large numbers of wild birds, and the significance of this threat outweighs other known issues we are already campaigning on, we are prepared to review our position. However, at this time we have no plans to campaign against the roll-out of 5G.

    I hope this clarifies our position for you and that you are all keeping safe.

    The Wildlife Team.
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    Warrior of the light said:

    You are correct this is because of the 5g and it’s the reason why the planet is in lock down to .

    There is zero evidence linking 5g and the current pandemic. Indeed, anyone with an ounce of technical knowledge knows this is nonsense, quite apart from the fact that many of the pandemic hotspots have no 5g installations at all.  All the major social media platforms are taking down such comments as they are not only encouraging destruction of mobile phone infrastructure, but they are contributing to the transmission of the disease by encouraging people to think it's some giant hoax. That is translating into the un-necessary suffering and deaths of real people. Please stop circulating such conspiracy theories. 


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  • I agree totally with Whistling Joe & Robbo. Before anyone says it, no David Icke is not a scientist. I'm afraid I can't say what I think he is because my post would rightly be flagged for bad language. Ian

  • Idiotic talk and hyped up conspiracy theories like this have no place on this forum and agree with the comments by WJ, Rob and Ian; furthermore, the recent damage to 5G phone masts which happen as a result of these unfounded and dangerous falsehoods is beyond belief and very disgraceful behaviour when emergency services fighting this pandemic are reliant on this super fast form of communication. RSPB should remove these vexatious posts which can only cause more idiots to jump on the numbskull bandwagon without a shred of genuine proof to substantiate their ludicrous theories.
    Rather than spread a load of twaddle perhaps you could do something to actually help this current pandemic and volunteer to do something positive and helpful but I guess that would require more effort than hiding behind a computer screen churning out utter garbage to relieve your boredom.


    Regards, Hazel 

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