Collard Dove


I have a baby Collard Dove that’s on my lawn and doesn’t seem to be able to fly. We’ve left it alone & parents birds have been feeding it. 

My concern is that it’s on the ground and could be eaten or attacked by foxes overnight. 

Also I have an Alaskan malamute who would probably eat it. I’ve kept her indoors and away from the baby bird. But I can’t keep her in all day. 

Should I take the bird to a wildlife sanctuary? 


  • I certainly would contact a wildlife sanctuary to explain your difficult position & get their advice!


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  • Thanks Wendy.

    We did take the baby Collard Dove to a wildlife sanctuary after speaking to them. They said that it was very small and needed tube feeding. The sanctuary said once they are down, if they can’t fly, the best thing is to get them in for help.
  • Pleased to hear you managed to get it to safety & hope it does well on the feeding regime, strong enough to be released back to the wild!


     2013 photos & vids here

    eff37 on Flickr

  • You are such a good person. I think you should contact the nearest animal support facility. Perhaps you will get help and advice from them. That will definitely help you a lot. Or you can manage it until it is healthy enough and back to nature. Please select