For as long as I’ve lived in my house (2002) I’ve had a very large group of sparrows live in my garden over the last couple of days I’ve noticed that I haven’t seen them, I went into the garden today to see if I could hear them but nothing. Does anyone know if they return or move to a new permanent home? I’m really sad they’ve left and I can’t watch them flying backwards and forwards whilst washing up. 

  • Hello Sparrow, I have the sparrows here all the time, there may be less on some occassions but they are always about. Is it just the sparrows you have noticed not being around or are the other birds no longer around? Has there been any changes around you, work in the garden or developments etc?

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    Hi thank you for responding. I didn’t notice any birds at all which is very odd that being said I didn’t watch the garden all day, there’s hasn’t been any changes and I’m  very happy to report seeing a few sparrows today! So hopefully they haven’t all left! 

  • Maybe they were all away to another garden where the weather was better and maybe had some sunshine!! Glad they are returning.

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  • They don’t seem to like to go to far in search of food when the weather is wet. I have starling proof feeders with seeds nuts and fat ball at the bottom of the garden and feeders with seeds and fat balls at the top of the garden so the starlings can hog them all to themselves there is hedgerow with nests at the top of the garden and I notice that when it’s raining heavily the sparrows will much rather use those feeders even though they are regularly shoed away by the starlings.
  • Hello Sparrows,
    We had many sparrows living in the hedge then some parakeets moved into the tree on the green 20 meters away and they all went. The parakeets moved on and finally, last year was the first year we had a pair of sparrows back and this year we have 3 pairs. I have fat balls in the front and side garden, many nesting boxes wedged into the hedge but still don't know why they come or even if they are nesting in the boxes.
    I hope your sparrows come back.
  • I have just seen a flock of sparrows in the garden!  There were so many birds, there must have been 10+ sparrows, can 10 be a flock?  I managed to grab a quick photograph of 2.  There were also loads of chaffinches which I can never get a photograph of altogether.  It was really exciting!!

       There was a small ish bird that looked like it was a sort of sparrow with yellow legs. 

    It is a busy day today.