Murmuration help

Good morning all.

Thought I best join the Forum here with being a member and also having the RSPB linking our website on theirs.

I am Glenn and a few years ago I set up a FB group and single page website to help a few people with locations of Starling roost sites so they could head out to see the Murmurations etc.

Since then, the website expanded and the RSPB and BBC Autumnwatch both linked the site to their websites and it has grown. 

Starlings are now returning to their winter roost sites and a few locations have been added to our Murmuration Map.

Please take a look at our website and if you do know of any roost sites we would be grateful if you could let us know too

I will join in with more 'birding' and not just Starlings, honest lol.

Cheers for now


  • Hi Glenn,
    I have been reading the RSPB Scotland News and it is mentioned that Gretna has one of the most famous displays in Scotland... Can you please confirm that this is no longer the case? I used to travel to Gretna regularly until 2010 to see massive amounts of starlings but they seem to have dispersed since the great freeze of the Solway. So we moved on to Rigg which had a fair amount and then they moved on. (Who knows where - Mersehead perhaps?) Anyway, if the magazine is incorrect then perhaps you can put them in the picture. :-D
    Kind Regards,
    Grace McCarron
    p.s. Love your efforts at mapping the starlings. I thought of this years ago but not sure how to go about it. Well done!
  • In reply to Grace M:

    Thank you.
    I am amazed how it seems to have 'taken off' if you will. Certainly keeps me busy.
    Over the last few years the original 'Gretna' roost site dispersed but our map shows that a lot of the Starlings were roosting near Metal Bridge. I will go and look at the Map again, but seem to remember (off the top of my head) that Mersehead also had a roost too.
  • Hi Glenn welcome to the community from Sheffield.
    Even though I get large numbers of Starlings in my garden I think the closest Murmuration to me is at Potteric Carr and RSPB Old Moor.
    Will keep an eye on your website though for anything closer.

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  • In reply to Alan.:

    Cheers Alan.
    Hopefully something will be reported soon. It usually gets busier around the beginning of November and onwards.
    Always looking at ways of making the map/website work better for people & hope to work on that more this winter. Kicked other old committments in to touch to start trying to concentrate on this more.

    Thanks again

  • Hi Glenn, Just added two more on the website.

    RSPB Leighton Moss Silverdale
    Brockholes Nature Reserve Preston


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  • In reply to James:

    Excellent. Thank you.
    Both active again now?

    Will add to the map either tonight or first thing in the morning, work dependant
  • Your Welcome

    Leighton did not start till Late Nov into December last year not sure about Brockholes but they will be back again this year.

    This was taken at LM two years back just starting to come in.