Hedgehog help

hello everyone 

need some advice if anyone can help 

I have two hedgehogs in the garden at night so I have bought an extra house as I successfully had one hibernated last year houses, one of the house is being used & a hedgehog is making the house as  they want it for the winter the other one isn’t ( which doesn’t bother me as I can use it next year as a feeding house). 

my question is since one of the hedgehogs has gone in one house & started getting out all the bedding my cat has smelt the hedgehog on the bedding that’s outside the house  ( she knew they came in the garden at night as she has seen them ) well she thinks that there is a hedgehog in the house & has started to put her paws in & try to get to the hedgehog ( she was a kitten last year through the winter) so to her it’s like playing & it’s something she has never come across

has anybody any idea as to what I can do so she doesn’t keep doing this as if she carry’s on I am sure they won’t hibernate in the house.

Thank you 


  • Hi Cheryl welcome to the community.
    To stop your cat reaching into the box can you put a something like a house brick 6 or 7 inches away from the entrance to the box, it is a solution to stop cats reaching into hedgehog feeding stations, or is it possible to turn the box in a direction your cat cannot get in.

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