Wood Pigeon nest

When trimming back the wisteria, we discovered a wood pigeon nesting just outside our window. My daughter is in love with watching them and we are happy for them to remain there. 

I am curious to know why there is only one adult pigeon - unsure if male or female. Researching, it is uncommon for there to be just one adult.

Also, since discovering the nest, she/he has not left and we have not seen her feed her babies. It has been two days now. Is this unusual?The babies appear to be just in the first week of their lives. 

  • Hi Jessy
    You want to hope you haven't exposed the nest too much that makes it vulnerable to predators such as Sparrowhawks or Magpies that will both take young birds.
    I can't be sure but I wonder with them feeding their young milk in the early stages they don't need to find food every day for them but of course the adults will still have to feed,
    If you don't have anything out for them you could try a tray of seed and a dish of water.

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  • Forgot to say...I wouldn't get too close to the nest just in case you disturb them too much and they end up deserting the nest.

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  • Hi Alan. Thanks for your response. It is still very much enclosed within the wisteria and invisible from the outside. However we can see it from inside and the adult can see us. I hope this does not frighten it away
  • If they have been able to see you all along while they were building the nest they should be used to you in the house.
    Hopefully you will have a happy outcome but Woodpigeon nests are well known for not being the most stable when it comes to lasting long.

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  • Hi Alan

    Just thought you could give me a little more advice since you were so helpful previously. Do you know how long it is typical for an adult pigeon to leave it’s babies for? Another adult came late yesterday and ‘swapped shifts’ but since this afternoon neither have returned.

    I fear they have gone.

    Thanks, Jessy.
  • Hi Jessy.
    I'm not sure if one adult would be at the nest all the time, if nothing has frightened them off they shouldn't have deserted the nest.
    At this time of the year with the warm weather the youngsters should be ok left on their own, hopefully one will return before nightfall.

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  • Great. Thanks so much for your support and advice