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Hi, I have been lucky enough to have numerous birds nesting in my garden hedge this year. At present I have pigeons nesting. I've been very intrigued by this as I've never even seen a baby Pigeon before so I've been keeping an eye on it (at a distance). It's quite well concealed in the hedge so not easy to view but I have noticed over the past 2 days that mum has been brooding less than before & I've also noticed a lot of flies on the nest when mum isn't around. I can definitely see movement of 1 chick in the nest but my concern is that another chick may have died in there as I can see something else that looks like a possible chick that hasn't moved. Is there anything I should be doing to help this little family so the remaining chick has a chance or do I just let nature take its course???? 

  • When you say pigeon, do you mean Wood Pigeon, Collared Dove or Feral Pigeon? I don't know how usual it is for any to nest in hedges, They usually build loose straggly nests in trees (except for feral pigeons which build anywhere)
    Whatever it is I would be inclined to leave well alone and see what transpires. Some birds will remove dead chicks although I don't know about pigeon species.



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  • Agree with Tony, best to leave well alone as it's also illegal to remove eggs or dead chicks from nests until 1st September. I had to check recently with the British Trust for Ornithology as we are vacating our house shortly and I wanted permission to clean out the nesting boxes before we leave. I was allowed to check each box and nesting materials but if there were any eggs left or dead chicks inside (anything other than nesting material) it would come under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 and illegal to clear it out without special consent from the local constabulary Wildlife Officer. Makes no difference if an egg wasn't viable and long since laid or if the chick is dead. So, to stay on the right side of the law I'm afraid you'll have to just let nature take its course and as Tony says, sometimes a parent bird will remove a dead chick itself.


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    Hi TeeJay, I believe it's a wood Pigeon....... One of two nests in our hedgerow. It is a fairly large hedge though. Thanks for the info, think I will leave well alone & see what happens.
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    Hazy, Goodness me, I had no idea that nests coukd not be touched, don't want to be getting myself arrested over a Pigeon. Really appreciate this info, thank you.
  • Sadly I found no signs of life in my Pigeon nest this morning, and my second Pigeon nest has been abandoned with eggs still in it . I just hope that some other animals take advantage of the left overs now.