Sparrows Return

After 8 years without a sighting, we now have a flock of approx.10 sparrows regularly visiting our garden. I can't be sure whether they're Hedge or Tree but they're very partial to dried mealworms. We have had a problem with Magpies in the past and they were responsible for the loss of the sparrows. We also now have 2 pairs of Blackbirds, numerous Goldfinches, 2 male Robins and 2 squirrels which are regular visitors. I should add that it's a large communal garden in a sheltered housing complex so it's quiet with no children and no resident cats.

  • Hi,

    Do you mean 'house sparrow' rather than 'hedge sparrow'? Tree sparrows look similar to male house sparrows. Hedge sparrows don't look like either and you won't see a flock of anything more than about 3 at this time of year. Record count I've seen is 5 in the garden, but very scattered around.

    Law of averages suggest they're house sparrows, esp if you're in an area where there aren't tree sparrows. e.g. here!